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NSEN VALVE CO., LTD. established in 1983, is a scientific and technological enterprise of an independent legal person qualification, specially manufacturing metal hard seal butterfly valves and integrating valve development, production, sales and service.

Experienced over 30 years practice and hard struggling, this Co. has gathered a stable team of high quality talents, of them more than 20 technicians of senior and semi-senior titles have been engaging in the valve scientific research all the year round so as to ensure the product technology to be continually innovated and the quality to be one-up, and holds advanced production and detection equipments, a machining center, large vertical lathes, numerical control machine tools, boring machines, milling machines etc. excellent mechanical processing equipments, a material chemical composition analyzing and mechanical property experimental rooms as well as UT, MT, PT non-destructive flaw detection etc. Complete detection equipments and instruments. 

Valves of "NSEN" brand have long enjoyed a good reputation in the industry, hold a high scientific content and have been awarded with tens of national patents, of which the "Bi-directional pressing (elliptic) hard seal butterfly valve" and "ball valve" awarded with the national invention patent. Particularly the "Bi-directional pressing (elliptic) hard seal butterfly valve", it makes bi-way sealing "zero" leaking realized under 160kgf/cm2 high pressure and features such a technical performance as not lowering the working efficient under 600℃ High temperature, filling up the national gap and creating the best valve on the market, so it was listed in the directory of national-class key new products in 2002. BS, ANSI, API, GB etc. standards are executed for the products, thus making them available with excellent controlling and sealing performance, broadly used for nuclear power, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, ship-making, heating, water supply and drainage etc. fields and have kept a good working achievement for years.

This Co. can provide several kinds of optimized allocation for the body plate material and the sealing structure in accordance with the working condition requirement in the actual use of the product so as to meet with the different needs of the clients on the product performance and, in order to make sure of both product and service quality, has set up a perfect quality control system and been accredited, early or late, to TS (grade A), DNV classification society, ISO9001 QC system etc. approvals.

Looking forward to the future, NSEN Valve Industry will uphold to take as heretofore "quality, velocity, innovation" as the core cultural concept of enterprise, make sure the product technology be in front, promote the enterprise innovation, constitute the enterprise core competitive force and continually create new achievement so as to provide the users with relaxed and reliable products and services.

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