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NSEN Valve Won the Zhejiang regional name brand Posted on: 2014-01-01 17:18:00
Warmly celebrate NSEN Valve Co.,Ltd. won the "Yongjia valve" Zhejiang regional brand name. The selection according to the "Yongjia valve" Zhejiang regional brand logo were allowed to use the condition of alliance standard "requirement, based on enterprise resource application, the Association conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the application for the use of the" Yongjia valve "Zhejiang regional brand logo of the enterprise, that propaganda companies - sen meet the Alliance standard requirements, agreed to use Zhejiang regional brand logo, and has been reported to the Yongjia County Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision approved by the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision for the record.
Zhejiang is the regional brand in the province specific area, formed a cluster with considerable scale and large market share, based on the high visibility and reputation of the advantages of a product or a collective brand of products. Its assessment criteria is very high, from the standard construction, the number of leading enterprises, independent innovation capacity, the number of brand-name products, sales, service, industry associations and other aspects of the specific requirements.
It is reported that the "Yongjia valve" Zhejiang regional brand for Yongjia County valve enterprises, means not only from a more competitive trump card, also means that the attack would hold together to enhance the overall brand influence. Zhejiang to promote the regional brand, has far-reaching significance and positive role in strengthening the quality management and improve the propaganda Naisen company reputation and visibility, comprehensive competitiveness and development and production capacity and product.
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