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NSEN staff to visit and study the Sanmen nuclear power Posted on: 2013-08-23 17:23:00
Recently, NSEN staff under the leadership of chairman Dong Xiaxiu, arrived at the sanmen county Taizhou City nuclear power plant site visit and study.

In the course of the visit, we showed a positive learning enthusiasm. Three nuclear power related personnel on the nuclear power project profiles, AP1000 characteristics, construction progress, the project management requirements of nuclear power equipment suppliers, and so on a detailed explanation, and patiently answered our questions.

After the visit, Dong Xiaoxiu, chairman of the board, said: Three nuclear power worth learning and learning. Through this visit and study, we should combine the actual work, conscientiously improve the rules and regulations and specific work, and effectively implement the product quality, production schedule, coordination and communication management requirements, solid, earnestly do the work , And strive to innovate beyond, to create brilliant.

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