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NSEN Valve new products unveiled at the China IFME,2014 Posted on: 2014-10-18 09:38:00

Recently, NSEN Valve Co.,Ltd. has achieved a new scientific and technological achievements in science and technology innovation, transformation and upgrading, innovation developed full metal bidirectional pressure valve, and fluid appeared in Shanghai international exhibition, the show has become a new bright spot.

The new product to overcome the shortcomings of ordinary metal hard seal butterfly valve, its salient features are: long life design: the ring is completely made of metal materials, there is no PTFE, graphite, non-metallic materials, such as sandwich rubber asbestos board, valve in full open or partially open state, not because of the high speed fluid scouring caused by the sealing ring is damaged, thus greatly improving the service life of the valve, the metal two-way valve has 2 life for ordinary metal hard seal butterfly valve. More than 8 times. At the same time, a two-way reliable sealing open-close moment: the contain of national patent technology "dynamic balance" radial sealing system, through the optimization design, on both sides of the import and export of butterfly plate stress approximate balance, reliable sealing performance of the valve to import and export at the same time, effectively reduce the valve open torque (about two-thirds of normal butterfly valve). It also has excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance performance. Seal parts are all made of metal materials, can adapt to the high temperature of 650 ℃ or less and low temperature - 196 ℃ or higher, high pressure PN160 or less demanding conditions such as corrosive.

And advanced sealing system: valve adopts triple eccentric structure, namely on the basis of ordinary metal hard seal butterfly valve, eccentric adds a Angle, this Angle is the main purpose of eccentric: makes the valve opened or closed in the process of sealing ring and valve seat of any point will quickly release or contact between, achieve the seal between the real "friction-free", greatly extend the service life of the valve.

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