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NSEN Valve certificed by EAC Posted on: 2020-05-17 13:46:45
NSEN has successfully obtained the EAC certification of the Customs Union, and the certificate is valid for 5 years, which has laid a certain foundation for the future development of overseas markets in countries along the “the Belt and Road Initiatives”.

EAC certification is a kind of certification that the Customs Union Committee is committed to formulating uniform standards and requirements for product safety. The member countries are: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine

The customs union certificate has a unified style, and the rules for obtaining the certificate are the same. The customs union regulations stipulate that no additional fees will be levied in the field of customs unions, and uniform tariffs will be implemented.

The Customs Union Certificate is a license for the circulation of goods within the territory of the Customs Union, and indicates that the quality of the product complies with the technical regulations. The customs union certificate can not only ensure that the goods are transferred unhindered within the customs union, but also avoid customs delays.

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